Breaking Bad Season 1 Episode 6 summary

Breaking Bad Episode 5 summary – Spoiler free

Walt and Jesse are back together in business again. Walt explains to Jesse that he doesn’t want any more bloodshed, he just wants to work behind the scenes as the cook and Jesse to deal with his contacts alone. Breaking Bad then flashes forward to reveal a snippet of Walt carrying a blood stained bag while walking away from what looks like a smoking, bomb site.

Walt later has his first dose of treatment at chemotherapy whilst continuing his charade with Skyler, pretending to be taking money from his friend Elliot to pay for the treatment. The next day shows Walt teaching a chemistry class about how chemical reactions can cause explosions – he uses fulminated mercury as an example before leaving the classroom to be sick in the toilet. A caring cleaner at the school called Hugo takes care of him while he is being sick. Later on at a cancer support group, Skyler voices concern over Walt’s distancing himself and disappearing throughout the day. Walt says he just needs some alone time and likes to go on nature walks.

Back in the desert cooking meth with Jesse, Walt has a cough attack and becomes too ill to work. He tries to make excuses for himself but Jesse reveals that he is aware Walt has cancer from his experience with his aunt who succumbed to it before. Jesse shows support to Walt and then takes over cooking while he rests. Jesse later starts selling the meth they made while also smoking it himself. He gives a displeased Walter his share of $1300 and Walt suggests they need to move on to selling their product to a distributor rather than selling such small amounts. Jesse indicates he doesn’t have any other big contacts after Walt killed Krazy 8, however a man called Tuco has now replaced Krazy 8 it would be dangerous to approach him though and preferable to carry on as they are.

After Walt’s treatment again the next day, he is ill at school and Hugo the caretaker offers his support with a stick of gum. Afterwards, Hank turns up to Walt’s classroom with the gas mask he found in the desert. He checks the lab equipment and points out that somebody has stolen some of the inventory to cook meth. He then jokes about people suspecting Walt if he doesn’t watch his lab equipment better. Jesse phones and informs Walt that his friend Skinny Pete went to prison with Tuco and has hooked him up with a meeting.

At his meeting with Tuco, Jesse give him a sample of the meth. Tuco appears to be pleased with the meth but rejects Jesses price of £35,000. When Jesse tries to escape, he is caught again and teased with money. Tuco badly beats him up when he reaches for the bag of money and, violently kicking Jesse on the floor, warns him that this is his territory.

The school caretaker, Hugo, is arrested by Hank’s agents for apparently stealing the lab equipment. Agents found marijuana in his car and immediately linked him with the crime. Walt briefly tries to change Hank’s verdict of Hugo, to which Hank condescendingly replies that Walt wouldn’t know a criminal if he saw one.

After not being able to get hold of Jesse, he discovers from Skinny Pete that his in hospital after being badly beaten up. He visits Jesse at the hospital who is unconscious and in a bad with wearing a neck brace. Walt asks Skinny Pete about Tuco. The next day, since Walt’s hair has been falling out in clumps, he shaves it all off. He then heads to Tuco’s hideout with a new look and persona. He introduces himself to Tuco as Heisenberg and demands $50,000 – $35000 for the meth and $15000 for Jesse’s ‘suffering’. Tuco laughs at him for bringing even more meth to him. Walt then retaliates by causing an explosion with his bag of, what actually turned out to be, fulminated mercury. Tuco expresses respect for Walt and gives him the money.

He returns to his car with the bag of money, remnants of the explosion behind him, and the pressure shows when he loses his composure inside his car. He pulls himself together again and drives off.