Game Of Thrones Season 1 Episode 3 Summary

Ned is called upon to attend a meeting. On the way, he speaks with Jaime and, despite the fact that the Mad King killed both his father and brother, he expresses his disapproval at Jaime for killing the Mad King by stabbing him in the back. He goes on to join the other council members and advisors including Lord ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish, an old friend of Catelyn’s, and Renly Baratheon, the King’s youngest brother. Ned learns at the meeting that the King is in great debt and thereby tries to reason that the planned lavish celebrations for Ned’s appointment as King’s Hand will merely accrue more debt.

After the incident with the dire wolf and Stark daughters, Joffrey expresses his hatred for the Starks to his mother. He tells her of how he would treat them and make them suffer if he were King. Cersei responds that everybody is an enemy to the Lannisters and that he needs to be smarter, be kinder to Sansa to avoid trouble in the future.

Arya, on the other hand, is upset about the recent incident with Joffrey but Ned tries to defend Sansa’s silence and disloyalty to Arya because of her engagement to Joffrey. To cheer her up, he lets her practise her swordsmanship. He later appoints an esteemed swordmaster to train her.

Upon regaining consciousness and hearing he will never walk again, Bran remarks to his brother Robb that he would rather be dead. When he bratishly belittles their loyal servant, Old Nan, and her stories of heroic antics to cheer him up, she frightens him with more ‘real’ stories of white walkers and harsh winters.

Catelyn arrives at King’s Landing and is immediately apprehended by Lord Baelish. She is insulted when he brings her to the brothel he owns but asks for his aid in tracking down the person that tried to have Bran killed. She pulls out the dagger she found on the assassin and Lord Baelish immediately recognises it. He says it used to be his but he lost it whilst gambling with Tyrion Lannister. His eagerness to help Catelyn makes it apparent that he has strong feelings for Catelyn from their past. He calls upon Ned and agrees to give them aid.

At Castle Black at the Wall, Jon Snow demonstrates his skills with his sword during a training session with the other recruits. He defeats the other recruits with ease but the trainer, Alliser Thorne, shows distaste and disrespect for him despite his impressive skills. He condemns the recruits for being useless. After practise, Jon is attacked by the other recruits with hostility for his earlier beating he gave them. Tyrion disperses the altercation and warns Jon not to make enemies and alienate himself against lesser trained recruits.

The commander later requests Tyrion bring reinforcements to Castle Black and expresses his concern about White Walkers and an imminent cold winter. Tyrion shows skepticism at the concept of such creatures existing but agrees to pass on his request anyway.¬†Uncle Benjen departs and says his farewells to Jon as he heads on an expedition outside of the Wall. Jon wants to go with him but Benjen explains that he has to work for his rank at Black Castle. Tyrion also says goodbye to Jon and makes his way to King’s Landing.

Across the sea Viserys grows jealous of Daenerys’ growing power and influence among the Dothraki. He takes offence when she orders everbody to halt during their travels and attacks her. Rakharo, a Dothraki warrior, immediately emerges and strangles him with a whip until Daenerys calms the situation and pardons her brother. She later discovers that she is pregnant and together with Drogo, the couple rejoice at the expectation of it being a boy. When Jorah learns of the news, he announces that he must go separate ways and rejoin them later.